Release Date
13 August 1997

Set Configuration:
60 Base cards
6 Information cards
5000 sets

This was the first and so far only reproduced James Bond trading card set, manufactured by Daleon Enterprise Ltd., the company name being taken form the two owners of Daleon and the Bond production company EON, in full the abbreviation stands for Dave Worrall , Lee Pfeiffer and Everything Or Nothing.

This reproduction card set contains all of the sixty cards issued in 1964 by Somportex from London. Six new cards were added, these new cards explain in detail the reason why the original cards where banned in 1964. It was hoped and advertised on one of the cards that this set would be followed by more reproductions of the Somportex sets, but sadly so far nothing has came of this... Dave Worrall is the publisher and author of “The Most Famous Car in the World”: the complete history of the James Bond Aston Martin’s DB5 that were seen in the earlier James Bond movies “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball”. After being turned down by many publishers, Dave founded his own publishing company “Solo Publishing” to get his book on the market. In 1991 it became the biggest selling book on cars and is now up to it’s fifth edition. This first book was soon followed by “The James Bond Diecasts Of Corgi”. This second book describes the long-term relation between EON Productions and Corgi, the British toy manufacturer. It tells the story from the first diecast DB5 until the red
Ferrari that appears in the James Bond movie “GoldenEye”. Dave was also co-author with Lee Pfeiffer of “The Essential James Bond” a book published by Macmillan, it’s an official reference guide to the series that has sold over 250,000 copies to date. Dave and Lee are both life long students of the international cinema, and have appeared and worked on many TV and radio programmes for Home Box Office, BBC, Fox Television, Carlton TV, The History Channel, ITV and Thames Television. Dave has also been employed by; Corgi Toys, Eon Productions, The National Motor Museum, MGM/UA Home Video and Vodaphone, for his vast knowledge of the OO7 phenomenon, and has wrote many articles for well-known magazines, like Classic & Sports Car, The Daily Mail, The Times, Collect!, Model & Collectors Mart and also for many other European car magazines. With an article about the diecast Aston Martin
DB5 written in the well known “Model Collector Magazine”, he received an award for the best article in 1997. Dave is also the publisher of “The James Bond Collector's Club” magazine, co-published and designed the book James Bond's London, and worked as UK Field Producer on the James Bond DVD documentaries along with Lee as US field producer, as seen on the Bond DVD’s currently on sale around the world. Together with Ronald Plesniarski they are the directors of Daleon Enterprise Ltd. The firm is located in New Jersey, USA, specialising in many movie related products, where they worked together with famous movie stars like Roger Moore (RIP), Shirley Eaton and Christopher Lee 'RIP). Many of these items can be found on line exclusively at Lee Pfeiffers “Spyguise” and eBay. Dave Worrall & Lee Pfeiffer together with Paul Lawton went on to found a new firm “GBU Publishing” that will specialise in new unknown writing talent.
They also produce “RetroMagazine”, a magazine specialized in movies from the sixties and the seventies. One wonders when they find time to sleep.

"Attaché Case with red velvet interior"

The reproduction card-set was limited to only 5000 sets and beautifully packaged in a red velvet and foam lined plastic briefcase, with 007 emblazoned on the front. The set is enclosed in an outer cardboard box. The logo “James Bond 007 Bubblegum Cards” was printed in bright red lettering on the outer box. Each card is printed on thin card stock and measures 3" x 2 1/4" approx. The little briefcase measured 5 1/2" x 5" approx. The red velvet interior was similar to the original “From Russia With Love” attaché case. The six additional cards are shown here below.


"The six additional information cards"

Its must have been around the year 2003, in one of Dave Worrall's flyers from his company SOLO MARKETING there was an add for the reproduction cards mentioning there were only 3000 sets manufactured in stead of the announced 5000. See the add here below.

"Only 3000 sets were actually manufactured"

To promote this special edition card set, Daleon Enterprises created four limited edition postcards for this reproduction set. The postcards featured black and white glamour shots of the girls seen on the cards. The reverse was packed with information on how to order the set in the UK and USA. The back cover of Dave Worrall's James Bond collectors club magazine #15 showed a full colour page on the cards. The cards and the back cover of magazine #15 are shown here below. I've never seen the fourth card, but according to my information and acknowledged by Dave Worrall the card depicted a still of Honor Blackman.

Nadja Regin
Ursula Andress
Margaret Nolan

Back Cover of Collecting 007 # 15

This card set is the ideal replacement for a James Bond card collector who can’t afford an original card set from the sixties. The reproduction pops up on eBay from around 30€ or less. An original full-set easy makes 300€ or more. The suitcase is a great little collectable in its own right. All the original cards are pictured in the chapter on the “James Bond 007 Chewing Gum” trading cards.

"Superbly finished packaging"

Check List:
Base Cards  
[ ] 01 Title Card
[ ] 02 Please Note
[ ] 03 Card No.1 Sean Connery
[ ] 04 Card No.2 Bathing Beauty
[ ] 05 Card No.3 Sean Connery & Magaret Nolan
[ ] 06 Card No.4 Ursula Andress
[ ] 07 Card No.5 Sean Connery
[ ] 08 Card No.6 Daniela Bianchi
[ ] 09 Card No.7 Honor Blackman
[ ] 10 Card No.8 Sean Connery & Ursula Andress
[ ] 11 Card No.9 Daniela Bianchi
[ ] 12 Card No.10 Sean Connery
[ ] 13 Card No.11 Shirley Eaton
[ ] 14 Card No.12 Sean Connery & Daniela Bianchi
[ ] 15 Card No.13 "Leila"
[ ] 16 Card No.14 Sean Connery
[ ] 17 Card No.15 Honor Blackman
[ ] 18 Card No.16 Sean Connery
[ ] 19 Card No.17 Zena Marshall
[ ] 20 Card No.18 Sean Connery
[ ] 21 Card No.19 Honor Blackman
[ ] 22 Card No.20 Bathing Beauty
[ ] 23 Card No.21 Sean Connery
[ ] 24 Card No.22 Bathing Beauty
[ ] 25 Card No.23 Sean Connery
[ ] 26 Card No.24 Sean Connery & Ursula Andress
[ ] 27 Card No.25 Shirley Eaton
[ ] 28 Card No.26 Daniela Bianchi
[ ] 29 Card No.27 Sean Connery
[ ] 30 Card No.28 "Leila"
[ ] 31 Card No.29 Sean Connery
[ ] 32 Card No.30 Eunice Gayson
[ ] 33 Card No.31 Daniela Bianchi
[ ] 34 Card No.32 Bathing Beauty
[ ] 35 Card No.33 Sean Connery
[ ] 36 Card No.34 Honor Blackman
[ ] 37 Card No.35 Ursula Andress
[ ] 38 Card No.36 Sean Connery
[ ] 39 Card No.37 Sean Connery & Honor Blackman
[ ] 40 Card No.38 Sean Connery
[ ] 41 Card No.39 Magaret Nolan
[ ] 42 Card No.40 Sean Connery & Eunice Gayson
[ ] 43 Card No.41 Daniela Bianchi
[ ] 44 Card No.42 Shirley Eaton
[ ] 45 Card No.43 Sean Connery & Anthony Dawson
[ ] 46 Card No.44 Nadja Regin
[ ] 47 Card No.45 Magaret Nolan
[ ] 48 Card No.46 Sean Connery
[ ] 49 Card No.47 Zena Marshall
[ ] 50 Card No.48 Ursula Andress
[ ] 51 Card No.49 Zena Marshall
[ ] 52 Card No.50 Shirley Eaton
[ ] 53 Card No.51 Sean Connery
[ ] 54 Card No.52 Daniela Bianchi
[ ] 55 Card No.53 Nadja Regin
[ ] 56 Card No.54 Sean Connery
[ ] 57 Card No.55 Nadja Regin
[ ] 58 Card No.56 Sean Connery
[ ] 59 Card No.57 Shirley Eaton
[ ] 60 Card No.58 Nadja Regin
[ ] 61 Card No.59 Sean Connery
[ ] 62 Card No.60 Sean Connery & Ursula Andress
[ ] 63 Card No.61 Wrapper
[ ] 64 Card No.62 Information
[ ] 65 Card No.63 Advertising 1
[ ] 66 Card No.64 Advertising 2