Release Date
18 December 2002

Set Configuration:
9 Base cards
1000 Sets

Just one month after the movie release of “Die Another Day”, Rittenhouse Archives Ltd. issues the 40th Anniversary Expansion card set. This expansion set was produced in a very limited quantity of only 1000 sets containing just nine cards; three additional plot cards from the latest movie “Die Another Day”, one Bond Extra card, one Bond Villain card and one Bond Girl card. Also included in this expansion set are three brand new autographed cards in the 40th Anniversary style. The cards were personally signed by Sean Bean as Alec Trevelyan in “Goldeneye”, Robert Davi as Franz Sanchez in “Licence To Kill” and Geoffrey Keen as Frederick Gray, the minister of defence in “A View To A Kill”. As a bonus and to put things the right way, the cards #2 and #3 were reprinted. On card #2 the 40th Anniversary foil stamp is righted, on the original it was upside down and on card #3 the 40th Anniversary foil stamp is moved to the bottom right corner instead of on Timothy Dalton’s head. There were no updates to the checklists printed on the reverse of the cards as per Rittenhouse Archives Ltd. President Steven M. Charendoff. This expansion set is a must have to complete your 40th Anniversary trading card set. As I previous mentioned, there are only a 1000 sets produced worldwide what makes this a very unique set to obtain. In their future card releases, Rittenhouse Archives Ltd. will continue updating the 40th Anniversary card set.


"The Complete Expansion Set without Card #002 & Card #003"

In June 2009, almost seven and a half year after it’s official release, a complete 40th Anniversary Expansion set was sold on eBay for 55€. This was quiet a bargain if you look at the recent prices for an autograph card. These autograph cards frequently pop-up on eBay, but always individually in stead of the complete set. Here below you can see the two different checklist cards.

Checklist #002 and #003
Reprinted Checklist #002 and #003


Check List:
Base Cards
[ ] A25 Autograph Card Geoffrey Keen as Frederick Gray in “A View To A Kill”
[ ] A26 Autograph Card Sean Bean as Alec Trevelyan in “GoldenEye”
[ ] A27 Autograph Card Robert Davi as Franz Sanchez in”License To Kill”
[ ] 61 Plot Card “Die Another Day”
[ ] 62 Plot Card “Die Another Day”
[ ] 63 Plot Card “Die Another Day”
[ ] BE0020 Bond Extra Card “Die Another Day”
[ ] BV0020 Bond Villain Card “Die Another Day”
[ ] BW0020 Women Of Bond Card “Die Another Day”
[ ] #002 Reprinted Checklist from the 40th Anniversary Set
[ ] #003 Reprinted Checklist from the 40th Anniversary Set