Release Date
17 November 2004

Set Configuration:
100 Base cards
5 Cards per pack
40 Packs per box
12 Boxes per case
8000 Boxes

The card collectors were given only one year to collect all the beautiful Bond Girls before Rittenhouse Archives Ltd. issued a brand new trading card set by the name of “The Quotable James Bond Trading Cards”. This time the base set is one-hundred cards, on both sides of each card they printed a black and white still showing a particular scene from a James Bond movie accompanied by the quote or one-liner. The card set contains a total of two hundred never seen before images of James Bond, his enemies and the Bond girls along with two-hundred quotes or on-liners.

“Do you expect me to talk?”

“No Mr. Bond I expect you to die!”

The complete card series exists of a base set and six, yes six different chase sets containing 33 new personally signed autograph cards. The numbering for the autographed cards is continuing from the previous card series, the “James Bond 40th Anniversary” and the “Women Of James Bond In Motion”. In the future coming card series these autographed cards will continue, there is no escape for the collector and his poor wallet. Each counter display box contained 40 packs with only five cards inside. As always Rittenhouse Archives Ltd. guarantees the collectors that each box contains at least one base set and two autographed cards. Among the many signers, the following actors and actresses took part in signing the cards;

• Sir Roger Moore as James Bond in "Live And Let Die"
• Michelle Yeoh as Wai Lin in "Tomorrow Never Dies"
• Sophie Marceau as Elektra King in "The World Is Not Enough"
• Carey Lowell as Pam Bouvier in "Licence To Kill"
• Mollie Peters as Patricia Fearing in "Thunderball"
• Serena Scott-Thomas as Dr. Molly Warmflash in "The World Is Not Enough"
• Martine Beswick as Paula Caplan in "Thunderball"
• Lawrence Makoare as Mr. Kil in "Die Another Day"
• John Wyman as Eric Kriegler in "For Your Eyes Only"
• Jan Willams as Masseuse in "From Russia With Love"
• Douglas Wilmer as Jim Fanning in "Octopussy"
• John Moreno as Luigi Ferrara in "For Your Eyes Only"

For collectors who have financial connections with Ford Knox, Rittenhouse Archives Ltd. produced the so called “Archive Box”. The content of this archive box contains the base set and all the chase cards from “The Quotable James Bond” series except for the case topper, the incentive card and the bonus card that comes with the binder.

"Archive Box"

The first chase set is a ten card set titled as “The Quotable Theme Songs”. These cards were randomly inserted into 1/10 packs. Each card depicts two theme songs, one on each side for each of the official EON movies produced up to the sets release date. The images displayed on the cards are taken straight out of the movies main titles. The James Bond title images and the main title songs are world famous, many of the songs were among the top 10 during many weeks in the hit parade. The James Bond theme written by Monty Norman has been rewritten by many well known composers and exists in many different variations played by several famous orchestras. The theme song cards are numbered from T1 to T10. The order of the quotable theme song cards is randomly and doesn’t follow the movie sequence in any way. One should think if they have card T1, they should have “Dr. No” & “From Russia With Love”, but that isn’t true. You can check the order in the checklists.

"The Quotable Theme Songs"
T2 T3
T5 T6
T8 T9

The second chase set is known as “The Quotable Bond Villains”. This new invention from Rittenhouse Archives Ltd. is the start of a what you can call a chase set to be continued. In the future coming card sets from Rittenhouse, these Quotable Villain cards will be updated. The first twenty cards are randomly inserted into 1/4 packs. Each card depicts a villain from each James Bond movie starting from “Dr. No” until “Die Another Day”. Like wise the previous chase set on the Bond Girls, each side of the card contains a black and white still.

“The Bond Villains”
F01 F02 F03
F04 F05 F06
F07 F08 F09
F10 F11 F12
F13 F14 F15
F16 F17 F18
F19 F20

To complete the third and the fourth chase set, you had to be very lucky, first of all one chase set was only available for the UK collectors, the other chase set was only distributed in the USA. Let’s start with the nine “Bond Girls Are Forever” cards, randomly inserted into 1/40 packs and only available in the United States Of America. The numbering continues the previous Bond girls chase cards that were inserted in the “Women Of James Bond In Motion”, so here we start from BG21 thru BG29. Among the beautiful ladies we have Sophie Marceau as Elektra King in “The World Is Not Enough”, Luciana Paluzzi as Fiona Volpe in “Thunderball”, Shirley Eaton as Jill Masterson in “Goldfinger”, Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost in “Die Another Day”, Teri Hatcher as Paris Carver in “Goldfinger”, Eunice Gayson as Sylvia Trench in “Dr. No”, Famke Janssen as Xenia Onatopp in “GoldenEye”, Talisa Soto as Lupe Lamora in “Licence to Kill” and Mollie Peters as Patricia Fearing in “Thunderball”.

"Bond Girls Are Forever - USA Only"
BG21 BG22 BG23
BG24 BG25 BG26
BG27 BG28 BG29

Very limited and only available in the United Kingdom we have nine different “Villains & Vixens” cards, again randomly distributed in only 1/40 packs. One of the easiest way to get hold of the USA cards or the UK cards was thru eBay or other online card shops. The nine cards compose a black and white puzzle depicting on the front the vixens and on the reverse the villains who tried to makes things miserable for James Bond during his adventures from “Dr. No” until “Die Another Day”. The cards were simply numbered from UK1 through UK9.

"Villains & Vixens - UK Only"
UK1 (front) UK02 (front) UK3 (front)
UK4 (front) UK5 (front) UK6 (front)
UK7 (front) UK8 (front) UK9 (front)

"Villains & Vixens - UK Only"
UK1 (reverse) UK02 (reverse) UK3 (reverse)
UK4 (reverse) UK5 (reverse) UK6 (reverse)
UK7 (reverse) UK8 (reverse) UK9 (reverse)

The autographed card collectors are really in for a treat, not less then thirty-three different autograph cards were added to “The Quotable James Bond” card series including three personally signed Case Toppers. Twenty-one new autographed cards in the “James Bond 40th Anniversary” style and nine in “The Women Of Bond In Motion” style. The cards were randomly packed in 1/20 packs and the usual guarantee from Rittenhouse Archives Ltd. that each box should contain at least two autographed cards. On the following pages you can enjoy all these new cards in full glory. The numbering starts with card A04, this particular card was already missing in the “40th Anniversary” and it was announced to be an autograph from Chaim Topol who played Milos Columbo in “For Your Eyes Only”. Actually card A04 was signed by Serena Scott Thomas who played Dr. Molly Warmflash in “The World Is Not Enough”. From then on the numbering jumps to A28 thru A49, except for the cards A32 and A37. These two cards will pop-up in the “Dangerous Liaisons” and “The Complete James Bond” trading card series.

“Autograph Cards 40th Anniversary Style”

A28 A29
A31 A33
A35 A36
A39 A40
A42 A43
A45 A46
A48 A49

The personally signed cards in “The Women Of Bond In Motion” style were signed by the following actresses; Sophie Marceau as Elektra King, Michelle Yeoh as Wai Lin, Serena Scott-Thomas as Dr. Molly Warmflash, Mollie Peters as Patricia Fearing, Carey Lowell as Pam Bouvier, Maria Grazia Cucinotta as the Cigar Girl, Martine Beswick as Paula Caplan, Rachel Grant as Peaceful Fountains of Desire and Madeline Smith as Miss Caruso. Most of these cards were very limited what makes them very rare and quiet expensive. The cards signed by Rachel Grant and Madeline Smith are the rarest of all.

“Autograph Cards Women Of Bond Style”

WA17 WA18
WA21 WA22
WA24 WA25

To make things even harder for the poor collectors, Rittenhouse added a special five card chase set known to the collectors as the “Vintage Bond” cards. The cards are numbered from VB1 through VB5. Each card was strictly limited and sequentially numbered to only 700 pieces and distributed in 1/120 packs. The card reverse displays a black & white still of the actor accompanied by the movie posters where he played the role of James Bond.

"Vintage Bond"

Again there is no escape for the trading card collectors, Rittenhouse manufactured two different case toppers and one multi case topper. To make things extra difficult, one of the case topper cards was limited to the United Kingdom and another one exclusive for the United States. The multi case topper card was given as a bonus when purchasing several cases in one time. The images displayed on the case toppers are stills from Maryam d’Abo as Kara Milovy in “The Living Daylights”, Shirley Eaton as Jill Masterson in “Goldfinger” and Richard Kiel who played the role of Jaws in “The Spy Who Loved Me“ and “Moonraker”. Miss Shirley Eaton and Richard Kiel are well known guests at movie fairs all over the world. The first time I met Miss Shirley Eaton was in London during the presentation of Cubby Broccoli’s biography “When The Snow Melts”, a novel or perhaps I should say a fairytale written by Donald Zec. A very nice elegant lady.

"U.S. Exclusive"
"U.K. Exclusive"
"Multi Case"

As usual Rittenhouse Archives Ltd. manufactured an exclusive collector’s album to store and protect this magnificent trading card series. The binder is manufactured in sky-blue scuba vinyl, depicting the Quotable 007 logo witch is almost the same as the 40th Anniversary logo on top of the famous gun-barrel. Each album comes with fifteen nine pocket sleeves and the costume card CC5. This exclusive card contains a piece of fabric from the cardigan worn by Julian Glover as the ruthless Aristotle Kristatos in the 1981’s James Bond movie “For Your Eyes Only”. The card also exist with a small piece of his polo-shirt. Julian is also famous for his role as the Imperial General Maximilian Veers in Star Wars Episode V: “The Empire Strikes Back”. He was born as Julian Wyatt Glover on the 27th March 1935 in Hampstead, England.

"Exclusive Binder"
"Costume Card CC5"

The wrappers are also very high wanted items among the card collectors, especially the wax paper ones from the sixties. Here below is a foil-wrapper from the “Quotable James Bond” card series.


Rittenhouse Archives wasn’t afraid to launch a huge promotion campaign for this card series, they issued four promo cards and an exclusive dealer sell-sheet. “The James Bond Quotable” sell-sheet. The sell sheets are very much loved by the thousands of collectors, it contains all the necessary information on the coming card series, such as; amount of cards, chase cards per pack, amount of manufactured cases, etc....

The promotion card P3 was only available as a bonus to the exclusive binder. The fourth promotion card numbered as “NSU1” was exclusively distributed at a card convention. So even for the collectors who only collect promotion cards, Rittenhouse gave them a hard time. But I guess that’s the fun of collecting, searching and searching until you find that last item to complete your collection. Thank God for eBay.

"From left to right, the promotion cards P1, P2, P3 & NSU1"
"Dealer Exclusive Sell Sheet"

What about the basic cards, a full base set contains one hundred cards and each card reveals two quotes and two black and white images from a James Bond movie. The cards don't follow the movie sequences in anyway and jumps from the first to the last and vice versa. Each card reverse shows a different movie than the one on the front. The base cards are numbered from 1 trough 100. The cards issued as expansion sets have a different numbering. The "Casino Royale" expansion came in 2007 with the release of "The Complete James Bond" and holds six cards. These cards are numbered from Q1 to Q6. The second expansion holding six cards from "Quantum Of Solace" came in 2009 with the "James Bond Archives". The cards are numbered from Q7 to Q14. The last expansion were twenty-two "SkyFall" cards, these cards came in 2013 with the "Autographs & Relics" trading card set. The numbering runs from QS1 to QS22. Card QS22 was only available as a reward card. Enjoy all the cards here below.

“Basic Card Set ”



Check List:
Base Cards
[ ] 001 Quote Cards
[ ] 002 Quote Cards
[ ] 003 Quote Cards
[ ] 004 Quote Cards
[ ] 005 Quote Cards
[ ] 006 Quote Cards
[ ] 007 Quote Cards
[ ] 008 Quote Cards
[ ] 009 Quote Cards
[ ] 010 Quote Cards
[ ] 011 Quote Cards
[ ] 012 Quote Cards
[ ] 013 Quote Cards
[ ] 014 Quote Cards
[ ] 015 Quote Cards
[ ] 016 Quote Cards
[ ] 017 Quote Cards
[ ] 018 Quote Cards
[ ] 019 Quote Cards
[ ] 020 Quote Cards
[ ] 021 Quote Cards
[ ] 022 Quote Cards
[ ] 023 Quote Cards
[ ] 024 Quote Cards
[ ] 025 Quote Cards
[ ] 026 Quote Cards
[ ] 027 Quote Cards
[ ] 028 Quote Cards
[ ] 029 Quote Cards
[ ] 030 Quote Cards
[ ] 031 Quote Cards
[ ] 032 Quote Cards
[ ] 033 Quote Cards
[ ] 034 Quote Cards
[ ] 035 Quote Cards
[ ] 036 Quote Cards
[ ] 037 Quote Cards
[ ] 038 Quote Cards
[ ] 039 Quote Cards
[ ] 040 Quote Cards
[ ] 041 Quote Cards
[ ] 042 Quote Cards
[ ] 043 Quote Cards
[ ] 044 Quote Cards
[ ] 045 Quote Cards
[ ] 046 Quote Cards
[ ] 047 Quote Cards
[ ] 048 Quote Cards
[ ] 049 Quote Cards
[ ] 050 Quote Cards
[ ] 051 Quote Cards
[ ] 052 Quote Cards
[ ] 053 Quote Cards
[ ] 054 Quote Cards
[ ] 055 Quote Cards
[ ] 056 Quote Cards
[ ] 057 Quote Cards
[ ] 058 Quote Cards
[ ] 059 Quote Cards
[ ] 060 Quote Cards
[ ] 061 Quote Cards
[ ] 062 Quote Cards
[ ] 063 Quote Cards
[ ] 064 Quote Cards
[ ] 065 Quote Cards
[ ] 066 Quote Cards
[ ] 067 Quote Cards
[ ] 068 Quote Cards
[ ] 069 Quote Cards
[ ] 070 Quote Cards
[ ] 071 Quote Cards
[ ] 072 Quote Cards
[ ] 073 Quote Cards
[ ] 074 Quote Cards
[ ] 075 Quote Cards
[ ] 076 Quote Cards
[ ] 077 Quote Cards
[ ] 078 Quote Cards
[ ] 079 Quote Cards
[ ] 080 Quote Cards
[ ] 081 Quote Cards
[ ] 082 Quote Cards
[ ] 083 Quote Cards
[ ] 084 Quote Cards
[ ] 085 Quote Cards
[ ] 086 Quote Cards
[ ] 087 Quote Cards
[ ] 088 Quote Cards
[ ] 089 Quote Cards
[ ] 090 Quote Cards
[ ] 091 Quote Cards
[ ] 092 Quote Cards
[ ] 093 Quote Cards
[ ] 094 Quote Cards
[ ] 095 Quote Cards
[ ] 096 Quote Cards
[ ] 097 Quote Cards
[ ] 098 Quote Cards
[ ] 099 Quote Cards
[ ] 100 Quote Cards
[ ] Q1 Casino Royale (The Complete James Bond)
[ ] Q2 Casino Royale (The Complete James Bond)
[ ] Q3 Casino Royale (The Complete James Bond)
[ ] Q4 Casino Royale (The Complete James Bond)
[ ] Q5 Casino Royale (The Complete James Bond)
[ ] Q6 Casino Royale (The Complete James Bond)
[ ] Q7 Quantum Of Solace (James Bond Archives)
[ ] Q8 Quantum Of Solace (James Bond Archives)
[ ] Q9 Quantum Of Solace (James Bond Archives)
[ ] Q10 Quantum Of Solace (James Bond Archives)
[ ] Q11 Quantum Of Solace (James Bond Archives)
[ ] Q12 Quantum Of Solace (James Bond Archives)
[ ] Q13 Quantum Of Solace (James Bond Archives)
[ ] Q14 Quantum Of Solace (James Bond Archives)
[ ] QS1 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS2 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS3 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS4 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS5 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS6 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS7 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS8 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS9 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS10 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS11 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS12 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS13 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS14 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS15 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS16 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS17 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS18 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS19 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS20 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS21 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics)
[ ] QS22 SkyFall (Autographs & Relics) (Reward Card)
The Quotable Theme Songs (1:10 packs)
[ ] T1 The World Is Not Enough & Goldfinger
[ ] T2 A View To A Kill & Diamonds Are Forever
[ ] T3 The Living Daylights & Moonraker
[ ] T4 The Man With The Golden Gun & For Your Eyes Only
[ ] T5 GoldenEye & On Her Majesty's Secret Service
[ ] T6 Live And Let Die & Thunderball
[ ] T7 Octopussy & The Spy Who Loved Me
[ ] T8 Licence to Kill & You Only Live Twice
[ ] T9 Tomorrow Never Dies & Die Another Day
[ ] T10 From Russia With Love & Dr. No
The Quotable Bond Villains (1:14 packs)
[ ] F01 Dr. No in "Dr. No"
[ ] F02 Rosa Klebb in "From Russia With Love"
[ ] F03 Auric Goldfinger in "Goldfinger"
[ ] F04 Emilio Largo in "Thunderball"
[ ] F05 Blofeld in "You Only Live Twice"
[ ] F06 Blofeld in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"
[ ] F07 Blofeld in "Diamonds Are Forever"
[ ] F08 Dr. Kananga in "Live And Let Die"
[ ] F09 Francisco Scaramanga in "The Man With The Golden Gun"
[ ] F10 Karl Stromberg in "The Spy Who Loved Me"
[ ] F11 Hugo Drax in "Moonraker"
[ ] F12 Aris Kristatos in "For Your Eyes Only"
[ ] F13 Kamal Khan in "Octopussy"
[ ] F14 Max Zorin in "A View To A Kill"
[ ] F15 General Koskov in "The Living Daylights"
[ ] F16 Franz Sanchez in "Licence to Kill"
[ ] F17 Alec Trevelyan in "GoldenEye"
[ ] F18 Elliot Carver in "Tomorrow Never Dies"
[ ] F19 Elektra King in "The World Is Not Enough"
[ ] F20 Gustav Graves in "Die Another Day"
Bond Girls Are Forever (1:40 packs) (U.S. Exclusive)  
[ ] BG21 Elektra King in "The World Is Not Enough"
[ ] BG22 Fiona Volpe in "Thunderball"
[ ] BG23 Jill Masterson in "Goldfinger"
[ ] BG24 Miranda Frost in "Die Another Day"
[ ] BG25 Paris Carver in "Goldfinger"
[ ] BG26 Sylvia Trench in "Dr. No"
[ ] BG27 Xenia Onatopp in "GoldenEye"
[ ] BG28 Lupe Lamora in "Licence to Kill"
[ ] BG29 Patricia Fearing in "Thunderball"
Villains & Vixens (1:40 packs) (U.K. Exclusive)  
[ ] UK1 Villains & Vixens
[ ] UK2 Villains & Vixens
[ ] UK3 Villains & Vixens
[ ] UK4 Villains & Vixens
[ ] UK5 Villains & Vixens
[ ] UK6 Villains & Vixens
[ ] UK7 Villains & Vixens
[ ] UK8 Villains & Vixens
[ ] UK9 Villains & Vixens
Vintage Bond (Numbered to 700) (1:120 packs)
[ ] VB1 Sean Connery
[ ] VB2 George Lazenby
[ ] VB3 Roger Moore
[ ] VB4 Timothy Dalton
[ ] VB5 Pierce Brosnan
Autograph Cards (1:20 packs)

[ ] A04 Serena Scott-Thomas in "The World Is Not Enough" (Limited)
[ ] A28 Sophie Marceau in "The World Is Not Enough" (Limited)
[ ] A29 Roger Moore in “Live And Let Die” (Very Limited)
[ ] A30 Michelle Yeoh in "Tomorrow Never Dies" (Limited)
[ ] A31 Martine Beswick in "Thunderball" (Limited)
[ ] A32 See “The Complete James Bond”
[ ] A33 Mollie Peters in "Thunderball" (Limited)
[ ] A34 Blanche Ravalec in "Moonraker"
[ ] A35 Deborah Moore in "Die Another Day"
[ ] A36 Will Yun Lee in "Die Another Day"(Limited)
[ ] A37 See “Dangerous Liaisons”
[ ] A38 Lawrence Makoare in "Die Another Day"
[ ] A39 John Wyman in "For Your Eyes Only"
[ ] A40 Jan Willams in "In Russia With Love"
[ ] A41 Douglas Wilmer in "Octopussy"
[ ] A42 John Moreno in "For Your Eyes Only"
[ ] A43 Michael Billington in "The Spy Who Loved Me"
[ ] A44 Shane Rimmer in "The Spy Who Loved Me"
[ ] A45 Carey Lowell in "Licence To Kill" (Very limited)
[ ] A46 Maria Grazia Cucinotta in "The World Is Not Enough" (Limited)
[ ] A47 Burt Kwouk in "Goldfinger"
[ ] A48 Rachel Grant in "Die Another Day" (Limited)
[ ] A49 Madeline Smith in "Live And Let Die" (Very limited)
[ ] WA16 Sophie Marceau as Elektra King in "The World Is Not Enough" (Limited)
[ ] WA17 Michelle Yeoh as Wai Lin in "Tomorrow Never Dies" (Limited)
[ ] WA18 Serena Scott-Thomas as Dr. Molly Warmflash in "GoldenEye" (Limited)
[ ] WA19 See “Dangerous Liaisons”
[ ] WA20 Mollie Peters as Patricia Fearing in "Thunderball" (Limited)
[ ] WA21 Carey Lowell as Pam Bouvier in "Licence To Kill" (Very limited)
[ ] WA22 Maria Grazia Cucinotta as Cigar Girl in "The World Is Not Enough" (Limited)
[ ] WA23 Martine Beswick as Paula Caplan in "Thunderball" (Limited)
[ ] WA24 Rachel Grant as Peaceful Fountains of Desire in "Die Another Day" (Limited)
[ ] WA25 Madeline Smith as Miss Caruso in "Live And Let Die" (Very limited)

Exclusive U.S. Case Topper Autograph Card
[ ] Maryam d'Abo as Kara Milovy in "The Living Daylights"
Exclusive U.K. Case Topper Autograph Card
[ ] Shirley Eaton as Jill Masterson in "Goldfinger"
Multi-Case Purchase Incentive Card
[ ] Richard Kiel Autograph Card as Jaws in "Moonraker"
From The Archives Costume Card
[ ] CC5 Julian Glover as Aristotle Kristatos in “For Your Eyes Only” (Binder exclusive)
Collectors Album
[ ] “The Quotable James Bond” Exclusive Binder
Archive Box
[ ] Master Set including all the cards inserted in the packs.
Promo Cards

[ ] NSU1 Non-Sport Update Show Exclusive Issue
[ ] P1 Goldfinger-General Distribution Promo Card
[ ] P2 GoldenEye-Non-Sport Update Regular Issue
[ ] P3 Dr. No-Album Exclusive
[ ] Dealer Sell Sheet