Release Date
29 October 2008

Set Configuration:
63 Base cards
4 Cards per pack
24 Packs per box
12 Boxes per case
9000 Boxes
$3,50 per pack

At least Rittenhouse gave the collectors two years to compile the “Complete James Bond Trading Cards” before issuing a brand new card series. For the second time in the James Bond trading card history they created a lenticular trading card set. On the 12th August 2008 the Rittenhouse website announced that the release date for their new trading card series would be on Wednesday 29th October 2008, the world premiere day of the newest James Bond movie “Quantum Of Solace”. Weeks before the release date, the new trading cards were offered in advance on eBay. During the release announcement Rittenhouse Archives Ltd. guaranteed that each counter display box would contain at least two relic or prop cards and one personally signed autograph card. In Rittenhouse their last news letter you could read the following;

8 October 2008.

Greetings from Rittenhouse! We're pleased to announce an exciting change to the upcoming James Bond In Motion Trading Cards, which will be released later this month, on October 29th. We are increasing the number of autographs to 2 PER BOX, and we're still including 2 costume/prop relic cards per box, too! Consider it a gift from Rittenhouse during these tough economic times.

"Quite frankly, I wanted to do something extra for our loyal customers," said Rittenhouse President Steve Charendoff. "As we all continue deal with the chaos of the Fall elections and the turmoil of our nation's economy, I want to let our customers know that we're here for them through thick and thin. Adding the extra autograph card per box will surely make what is already one of the most anticipated card sets of the year even better."

Of course this was great news for the many thousands of collectors, two relic or prop cards and two personally signed autograph cards. Because of this simple strategy change, all the printed dealer sell sheets and promotion cards now displayed an error. The base set contains 63 cards, meaning that for each official EON movie starting from “Dr. No” until “Casino Royale” they used three cards. Like their previous card series there is no check list card available. This new series contains six chase sets, catastrophic for the die-hard collectors. Brand new for this card set are the triple and quad relic or prop cards. Among the exiting props you may find a small piece of the gambling table felt as seen in the James Bond movie “Casino Royale”, pieces of the diamond-bed sheet used by Pierce and Halle in the final scene of “Die Another Day”, little pieces of silk coming from the parachute used by Toby Stephens in “Die Another Day”, pieces of paper coming from the business card given to James Bond by Eva Green in “Casino Royale” and all kinds of fabric from the “Casino Royale” costumes worn by the following actors and actresses; Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Mads Mikkelsen, Jesper Christensen, Jeffrey Wright and Caterino Murino. Among the other chase sets we have again the "Bond Girls Are Forever" cards, some more "Bond Villains" and “Bond Allies” cards and also unique in this card series are the first “Quantum Of Solace” cards.

"Counter display box"


Let’s start with the promotion of this wonderful card set, one gorgeous sell-sheet accompanied by a similar promotion card appeared in August 2008 on the collectors circuit. The style used to create the unnumbered promotion card is very Bondish, a blood red painted 007-gun logo on a pitch-black background with on the left side a smoking gun. The promotion card is numbered as P2 and only available when purchasing the special designed “James Bond In Motion” exclusive binder.

Unnumbered Promo Card P2
"Dealer Exclusive Sell Sheet"

The first chase set exist of 22 different “Bond Villains” cards. These 22 new cards are an addition to the “Bond Villains” issued with the “Dangerous Liaisons” and the “Quotable James Bond” trading card series. The numbering starts from F42 and runs until F63, card number F41 was a part of the “Complete James Bond” trading card series. Complicated isn’t it?

“The Bond Villains”
F42 F43 F44
F45 F46 F47
F48 F49 F50
F51 F52 F53
F54 F55 F56
F57 F58 F59
F60 F61 F62

The second chase set is a treat for the collectors of the “Bond Allies” cards, again these cards are a continuation to the first eighteen cards that were issued as a chase set with the “Dangerous Liaisons” card series. The card BA19 was issued with the “Complete James Bond” trading card series. This addition contains seventeen new “Bond Allies” cards, the additional cards are numbered from BA20 thru BA36 and were randomly distributed in only 1/12 packs or two cards per box. Who gets all the attention here? Well it’s the character of Felix Leiter. Rittenhouse Archives Ltd. created four cards depicting four different actors that played this well-known ally. The black and white images shown on the cards depicting Felix Leiter are shots from the following movies, “Diamonds Are Forever”, “Goldfinger”, “Thunderball” and “Live And Let Die”. Further more some stills from “M”, ”Q”, Rene Mathis, Sharky, Luigi Ferrara and many others.

“Bond Allies”

BA20 BA21 BA22
BA23 BA24 BA25
BA26 BA27 BA28
BA29 BA30 BA31
BA32 BA33 BA34
BA35 BA36

What would a James Bond movie be without Bond Girls? Who can tell. For me they are must. From Ursula Andress until Olga Kurylenko, they are all so attractive and glamorous. I guess Rittenhouse Archives had the same thoughts about these Bond girls, well who wouldn’t? It all started with the “Women Of James Bond in Motion”, one of the chase sets was named the “Bond Girls Are Forever” and existed of twenty cards depicting black and white images of these lovely ladies. They were numbered from BG01 thru BG20, this series continued with the release of “The Quotable James Bond”, nine new cards were issued and the numbering continued from BG21 thru BG29. The second continuation started with the release of the “Dangerous Liaisons” card series and again fifteen new Bond Girls cards were offered, numbered from BG30 thru BG45. Only one exclusive card BG46 had to obtained through the Rittenhouse “Redemption Program” and the last cards BG47 and BG48 were a part of the “Complete James Bond” trading card set. Now we continue with twenty-four new cards numbered from BG49 thru BG72. Will this ever end?

“Bond Girls Are Forever”

BG49 BG50 BG51
BG52 BG53 BG54
BG55 BG56 BG57
BG58 BG59 BG60
BG61 BG62 BG63
BG64 BG65 BG66
BG67 BG68 BG69
BG70 BG71 BG72

Spanning a timeline of nearly 47 years we had six actors that took the part of James Bond aka secret agent 007 in twenty-two official James Bond movies. To put all these actors on the front page, Rittenhouse Archives Ltd. designed six new lenticular trading cards.

"James Bond Lenticular Set"

The “James Bond Lenticular” cards were randomly inserted in 1/4 packs, so if you were the lucky guy, you got them all in one box. These six cards are a must for every Bond collector, even if it was only to frame the six cards together or perhaps have them personally signed. Don’t give up Mr. Bond!
Props, relics and costume cards that’s what the fifth chase set is all about. It all started with the first three costume cards, CC1, CC2 and CC3 released as a chase set in the 40th Anniversary trading card series. The continuation went on with the release of CC4, CC5, CC6 and CC7, these cards came with the “Quotable James Bond”, the “Dangerous Liaisons” and the “Casino Royale Preview” trading card series. Until now there are two exceptions, namely the cards AC1 and AC2, these cards were inserted with the “Die Another Day” and the “Die Another Day Extension” card series. The first set of Relic/ Prop cards numbered from RC1 thru RC18 were released as a chase set with the ”Complete James Bond” card series accompanied by the first Dual Costume card DC1. To continue these exciting cards, Rittenhouse Archives Ltd. manufactured twenty five new relic/ prop and costume cards. New here are the triple and the quad costume cards. The numbering of the dual cards starts from DC02 witch is a case topper and extremely rare until card DC07. The five new single costume cards are numbered as SC01 thru SC05. Again as seen in the previous card series, the prop or relic cards come in many different variations.

"Relic / Prop Cards"
RC20 RC21
RC22 RC23
RC22 (variation)  

"Single Costume Cards"
SC02 SC03
SC04 SC05

The number of printed costume cards is almost different for each card, even if it’s a single, double, triple or quad card. Here below a check list with the number of cards printed.

Single Costume Cards
Double Costume Cards
Triple Costume Cards
Quad Costume Card

In the above checklist you may notice that the double costume card DC06 is the most limited one. This card will soon become one of the rarest and most expensive cards. The card depicts a colour still of Solange accompanied by two pieces of fabric from here olive green bikini. The Italian born actress Caterina Murino played the role of the sexy horse riding Solange. She was raised in Cagliari, a small Mediterranean village on the island of Sardinia. Many scenes from the 1977’s James Bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me” were shot on location in Sardinia. The next limited card is the quad costume card QC01 with only 275 copies and the single costume card SC02 with only 300 copies. Single costume card SC02 depicts a picture of Dame Judi Dench, she made her debut as “M” in the 1995’s blockbuster “GoldenEye”. Judi was born in York, UK as Judith Olivia Dench on the 9th December 1934. In 1988 she received an “Order of the British Empire” and became Dame Judi Dench.

"Double Costume Cards"
DC03 DC04
DC06 DC07

"Triple & Quad Costume Cards"
TC02 TC03
TC05 TC06
TC08 QC01

The last chase set to get your hands on are the personally signed autograph cards. This time Rittenhouse Archive Ltd. manufactured a tremendous continuation to the already three existing styles of autograph cards.

• 33 cards in the “40th Anniversary Style”.
• 13 cards in the “Full Bleed Style”.
• 1 card in the “Women Of Bond Style”.
• 2 personally signed “Case Toppers” cards.
• 1 personally signed “Binder Exclusive” card.

All by all good for fifty new personally signed autographed cards. The autograph cards in the “40th Anniversary Style” are updated with 33 new cards. Among the signers they included the following Bond Girls: Kate Gayson the daughter of Eunice Gayson, Ivana Milicevic, Priscilla Barnes, Denise Richards, Tsai Chin, Margaret Nolan, Serena Gordon, and Carmen Du Sautoy. The card numbered as A98 and personally signed by Joe Don Baker who played the part of CIA agent Jack Wade in “GoldenEye” and in “Tomorrow Never Dies” is one of the rarest in this series. Joe Don Baker became part of the Bond family in 1987 where he took the role of the villain Brad Whithaker in “The Living Daylights”. He signed most of his cards with an additional text, such as “Good Luck” or “Best Wishes”. The card A113 with an autograph from Anthony Starke came as a bonus to the exclusive binder. The only card in the “Women Of Bond Style” is personally signed by Honor Blackman or should we say “Pussy”.

“Autograph Cards 40th Anniversary Style
Women Of Bond Style”

A82 A83
A85 A86
A88 A89
A93 A94
A96 A97
A98 (variation) A100
A102 A103
A105 A106
A108 A112
A114 A115
A117 A118
A121 WA31

“Full Bleed Autograph Cards”


“Priscilla Barnes Forever”

Bond Girl Priscilla Barnes who played the role of Della Churchill in “Licence To Kill” makes it’s real hard for the autograph collectors. You may find her signature on a card in the “40th Anniversary Style” and also on a full bleed card, this particular card is not mentioned on the Rittenhouse checklist. During the autograph session at Rittenhouse Archives she used a variety of pens with different colours and thickness. She also added several small notes like; “Priscilla Barnes”, “Love Priscilla Barnes”, “Priscilla Barnes Della Churchill”. On one of the cards in the “40th Anniversary Style” you can find the strangest note of all; “Never Trust A Woman With A Knife”. All these different pens styles and small notes do raise the following question. How many of the Priscilla Barnes cards were actually in the boxes? You have probably noticed that, when a celebrity is doing autographs at any kind of movie convention, they sometimes have a few blank cards. Perhaps Miss Barnes had a few spare cards and did them at fairs. That could be the reason of the great number of pens styles and sayings. Due to this problem, the question is if you get a card, is it the official autograph card from the card set, or was it signed in person at an event? Do we still class it as box card or just as a plain autograph and what about the value?


When purchasing a complete case containing twelve counter display boxes, the bonus was the dual costume card DC02 depicting Vesper Lynd and a small piece of red fabric from her dress and her cardigan that she was wearing in “Casino Royale”. A second case topper is the full bleed autograph card depicting Guy Hamilton, the legendary film director of “Goldfinger”, “Diamonds Are Forever”, “Live And Let Die” and “The Man With The Golden Gun”. And last but not least is the full bleed autograph card depicting Sir Roger Moore in a scene of “Live And Let Die”. The get this exclusive card you had to purchase at least six full cases.

"The Case Topper Cards"
"Case Topper"
"3-Case Topper"
6-Case Topper"

No, it doesn’t end with six cases, when purchasing twenty-five cases then Rittenhouse Archives Ltd. treated you with a super bonus in the form of an Archive Box. Rittenhouse manufactured two different types of Archive boxes. The so called VERSION-A and the VERSION-B box. The VERSION-A contained a complete base set, 47 autograph cards and the DC02 Vesper Lynd case topper Dual Costume card.

"Archive Box Type A"

The VERSION-B box contained a complete set of the “Bond Villians”, the “Bond Allies”, the “Bond Girls Are Forever”, all the pack inserted relic or prop cards and the 3-case incentive autograph card personally signed by Guy Hamilton.

"Archive Box Type B"

As we are getting used now from Rittenhouse Archives Ltd., the exclusive designed scubba black vinyl binder included the special promotion card P2 and the exclusive autograph card A113. The card was personally signed by Anthony Starke. He played the role of Truman Lodge in “Licence To Kill”.

"Exclusive Binder & Promo Card P2"

Every trading card collector has seen or maybe owns an empty counter display box. The latest ones are not that hard to find and sometimes offered on eBay for very reasonable prices, but a so called "Case" is quiet a rare item. Here below an original case to transport the "James Bond in Motion" trading cards.

"James Bond in Motion Case"

Sixty-three base cards, or just three cards per movie. For the second time Rittenhouse Archives issued a lenticular trading card set. This time the cards have a white reverse what makes it easier to see the moving images. The cards are numbered on the front from #01 to #63. An expansion set holding three "Quantum Of Solace" cards was issued as an insert set when the "James Bond Heroes & Villains" trading card set came on the market in 2010. The numbering for the "Quantum Of Solace" cards is printed on the reverse.

“Basic Card Set”


Check List:
Base Cards
[ ] 01 Dr. No
[ ] 02 Dr. No
[ ] 03 Dr. No
[ ] 04 From Russia With Love
[ ] 05 From Russia With Love
[ ] 06 From Russia With Love
[ ] 07 Goldfinger
[ ] 08 Goldfinger
[ ] 09 Goldfinger
[ ] 10 Thunderball
[ ] 11 Thunderball
[ ] 12 Thunderball
[ ] 13 You Only Live Twice
[ ] 14 You Only Live Twice
[ ] 15 You Only Live Twice
[ ] 16 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
[ ] 17 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
[ ] 18 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
[ ] 19 Diamonds Are Forever
[ ] 20 Diamonds Are Forever
[ ] 21 Diamonds Are Forever
[ ] 22 Live And Let Die
[ ] 23 Live And Let Die
[ ] 24 Live And Let Die
[ ] 25 The Man With The Golden Gun
[ ] 26 The Man With The Golden Gun
[ ] 27 The Man With The Golden Gun
[ ] 28 The Spy Who Loved Me
[ ] 29 The Spy Who Loved Me
[ ] 30 The Spy Who Loved Me
[ ] 31 Moonraker
[ ] 32 Moonraker
[ ] 33 Moonraker
[ ] 34 For Your Eyes Only
[ ] 35 For Your Eyes Only
[ ] 36 For Your Eyes Only
[ ] 37 Octopussy
[ ] 38 Octopussy
[ ] 39 Octopussy
[ ] 40 A View To A Kill
[ ] 41 A View To A Kill
[ ] 42 A View To A Kill
[ ] 43 The Living Daylights
[ ] 44 The Living Daylights
[ ] 45 The Living Daylights
[ ] 46 Licence To Kill
[ ] 47 Licence To Kill
[ ] 48 Licence To Kill
[ ] 49 GoldenEye
[ ] 50 GoldenEye
[ ] 51 GoldenEye
[ ] 52 Tomorrow Never Dies
[ ] 53 Tomorrow Never Dies
[ ] 54 Tomorrow Never Dies
[ ] 55 The World Is Not Enough
[ ] 56 The World Is Not Enough
[ ] 57 The World Is Not Enough
[ ] 58 Die Another Day
[ ] 59 Die Another Day
[ ] 60 Die Another Day
[ ] 61 Casino Royale
[ ] 62 Casino Royale
[ ] 63 Casino Royale
[ ] 64 Quantum Of Solace (James Bond Heroes & Villains)
[ ] 65 Quantum Of Solace (James Bond Heroes & Villains)
[ ] 66 Quantum Of Solace (James Bond Heroes & Villains)
Bond Villains (1:9 packs)
[ ] F42 Mr. White in “Quantum of Solace”
[ ] F43 Dominic Greene in “Quantum of Solace”
[ ] F44 Elvis in “Quantum of Solace”
[ ] F45 Dryden in “Casino Royale”
[ ] F46 Steven Obanno in “Casino Royale”
[ ] F47 Valenka in “Casino Royale”
[ ] F48 Mollaka in “Casino Royale”
[ ] F49 Gettler in “Casino Royale”
[ ] F50 Zao in “Die Another Day”
[ ] F51 Colonel Moon in “Die Another Day”
[ ] F52 Miranda Frost in “Die Another Day”
[ ] F53 Xenia Onatopp in “GoldenEye”
[ ] F54 Milton Krest in “Licence To Kill”
[ ] F55 Necros in “The Living Daylights”
[ ] F56 Dr. Carl Mortner in “A View To A Kill”
[ ] F57 Hai Fat in “The Man With The Golden Gun”
[ ] F58 Erich Kriegler in “For Your Eyes Only”
[ ] F59 Whisper in”Live And Let Die”
[ ] F60 Mr. Big in “Live And Let Die”
[ ] F61 Helga Brandt in “You Only Live Twice”
[ ] F62 Count Lippe in “Thunderball”
[ ] F63 Kirilencu in “From Russia With Love”
Bond Allies (1:12 packs)
[ ] BA20 M in “Casino Royale”
[ ] BA21 Rene Mathis in “Casino Royale”
[ ] BA22 Q in “Die Another Day”
[ ] BA23 Sharkey in “Licence To Kill”
[ ] BA24 Saunders in “The Living Daylights”
[ ] BA25 Luigi Ferrara in “For Your Eyes Only”
[ ] BA26 Felix Leiter in “Live And Let Die”
[ ] BA27 Lt. Hip in “The Man With The Golden Gun”
[ ] BA28 Marc Ange Draco in “On Her Majesty's Secret Service”
[ ] BA29 Felix Leiter in “Thunderball
[ ] BA30 Felix Leiter in “Goldfinger”
[ ] BA31 Q in “Diamonds Are Forever”
[ ] BA32 Raoul in “Die Another Day”
[ ] BA33 M in “The Living Daylights”
[ ] BA34 Rosika Miklos in “The Living Daylights”
[ ] BA35 Felix Leiter in “Diamonds Are Forever”
[ ] BA36 M in “Dr. No”
Bond Girls Are Forever (1:8 packs)  
[ ] BG49 Camille in “Quantum of Solace”
[ ] BG50 Agent Fields in “Quantum of Solace”
[ ] BG51 Peaceful Fountains of Desire in “Die Another Day”
[ ] BG52 Caroline in “GoldenEye”
[ ] BG53 Linda in “The Living Daylights”
[ ] BG54 Jenny Flex in “A View To A Kill”
[ ] BG55 Countess Lisl in “For Your Eyes Only”
[ ] BG56 Manuela in “Moonraker”
[ ] BG57 Girl in Cabin in “The Spy Who Loved Me”
[ ] BG58 Felicca in “The Spy Who Loved Me”
[ ] BG59 Saida in “The Man With The Golden Gun”
[ ] BG60 Nancy in “On Her Majesty's Secret Service”
[ ] BG61 Ling in “You Only Live Twice”
[ ] BG62 Paula Caplan in “Thunderball”
[ ] BG63 Dink in “Goldfinger”
[ ] BG64 Tilly Masterson in “Goldfinger”
[ ] BG65 Vida & Zora in “From Russia With Love”
[ ] BG66 Mei-Lei in “Goldfinger”
[ ] BG67 Gypsy Belly Dancer in “From Russia With Love”
[ ] BG68 Bonita in “Goldfinger”
[ ] BG69 Chew Mee in “The Man With The Golden Gun”
[ ] BG70 Photographer in “Dr. No”
[ ] BG71 Miss Moneypenny in “Die Another Day”
[ ] BG72 Miss Moneypenny in “You Only Live Twice”
James Bond Lenticular Cards (1:4 packs)  
[ ] JB1 Sean Connery
[ ] JB2 Roger Moore
[ ] JB3 George Lazeby
[ ] JB4 Timothy Dalton
[ ] JB5 Pierce Brosnan
[ ] JB6 Daniel Craig
Costume/Prop Relic Cards (1:12 packs)
Prop Cards

[ ] RC19 Casino Table Felt from “Casino Royale”
[ ] RC20 Diamond Bed Sheet from “Die Another Day”
[ ] RC21 Vesper Lynd's Business Card from “Casino Royale”
[ ] RC22 Gustav Graves' Parachute from “Die Another Day”
[ ] RC23 Miranda Frost Bed Cover from “Die Another Day”

Single Costume Cards
[ ] SC01 James Bond in “Casino Royale”
[ ] SC02 M in “Casino Royale”
[ ] SC03 James Bond in “Casino Royale”
[ ] SC04 Gettler in “Casino Royale”
[ ] SC05 Carlos in “Casino Royale”
Dual Costume Cards
[ ] DC02 Vesper Lynd in “Casino Royale” (Case Topper)
[ ] DC03 James Bond in “Casino Royale”
[ ] DC04 Felix Leiter in “Casino Royale”
[ ] DC05 Mr. White in “Casino Royale”
[ ] DC06 Solange in “Casino Royale”
[ ] DC07 Steven Obanno in “Casino Royale”
Triple Costume Cards
[ ] TC01 James Bond in “Casino Royale”
[ ] TC02 Mollaka in “Casino Royale”
[ ] TC03 James Bond in “Casino Royale”
[ ] TC04 Rene Mathis in “Casino Royale”
[ ] TC05 James Bond in “Casino Royale”
[ ] TC06 James Bond in “Casino Royale”
[ ] TC07 James Bond in “Casino Royale”
[ ] TC08 James Bond in “Casino Royale”
Quad Costume Card
[ ] QC01 Le Chiffre in “Casino Royale”
Autograph Cards (1:24 packs)
[ ] Giancarlo Giannini as Renee Mathis in “Casino Royale”
[ ] Ivana Milicevic as Valenka in “Casino Royale”
[ ] Thomas Wheatley as Saunders in “The Living Daylights”
[ ] Sebastien Foucan as Mollaka in “Casino Royale”
[ ] Richard Sammel as Gettler in “Casino Royale”
[ ] Simon Abkarian as Dimitrios in “Casino Royale”
[ ] Isaach De Bankolé as Steven Obanno in “Casino Royale”
[ ] David Calder as Sir Robert King in “The World Is Not Enough”
[ ] Malcolm Sinclair as Dryden in “Casino Royale”
[ ] Anthony Starke as Truman-Lodge in “Licence To Kill”
[ ] Virginia Hey as Rubavitch in “The Living Daylights”
[ ] Tsai Chin as Madame Wu in “Casino Royale”
[ ] Joseph Millson as Carter in “Casino Royale”
[ ] Priscilla Barnes as Della Churchill (Not mentioned on the Rittenhouse Checklist)
[ ] A69 Denise Richards as Dr. Christmas Jones in “The World is Not Enough”
[ ] A82 Albert Moses as Sadruddin in” Octopussy”
[ ] A83 Thomas Wheatley as Saunders in “The Living Daylights”
[ ] A84 Terence Mountain as Raphael in “On Her Majesty's Secret Service”
[ ] A85 David Meyer as Grischka in “Octopussy”
[ ] A86 Tony Meyer as Mischka in “Octopussy”
[ ] A87 Kate Gayson as Casino Girl in “GoldenEye”
[ ] A88 Alkis Kritikos as Santos in “For Your Eyes Only”
[ ] A89 Ivana Milicevic as Valenka in “Casino Royale”
[ ] A92 Isaach De Bankolé as Steven Obanno in “Casino Royale”
[ ] A93 Patrick Bauchau as Scarpine in “A View To A Kill”
[ ] A94 Sid Haig as Attendant in “Diamonds Are Forever”
[ ] A95 Priscilla Barnes as Della Leiter in “Licence To Kill”
[ ] A96 Daniel Andreas as Casino Dealer in “Casino Royale”
[ ] A97 Richard Sammel as Getler in “Casino Royale”
[ ] A98 Joe Don Baker as Jack Wade in “GoldenEye”
[ ] A100 Ludger Pistor as Mendel in “Casino Royale”
[ ] A101 Daud Shah as Fisher in “Casino Royale”
[ ] A102 Malcolm Sinclair as Dryden in “Casino Royale”
[ ] A103 Clemens Schick as Kratt in “Casino Royale”
[ ] A104 Joseph Millson as Carter in “Casino Royale”
[ ] A105 Tsai Chin as Madame Wu in “Casino Royale”
[ ] A106 Urbano Barberini as Tomelli in “Casino Royale”
[ ] A107 Jesper Christensen as Mr. White in “Casino Royale”
[ ] A108 Margaret Nolan as Dink in “Goldfinger”
[ ] A112 Serena Gordon as Caroline in “GoldenEye”
[ ] A113 Anthony Starke as Truman Lodge in “Licence To Kill”(Binder exclusive)
[ ] A114 Grand L. Bush as Hawkins in “Licence To Kill”
[ ] A115 Wayne Newton as Professor Joe Butcher in “Licence To Kill”
[ ] A116 John Terry as Felix Leiter in “The Living Daylights”
[ ] A117 David Calder as Sir Robert King in “The World Is Not Enough”
[ ] A118 Robert Carlyle as Renard in “The World Is Not Enough”
[ ] A120 Carmen Du Sautoy as Saida in “The Man With The Golden Gun”
[ ] A121 Vernon Dobtcheff as Max Kalba in “The Spy Who Loved Me”
[ ] WA31 Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore in “Goldfinger”
Exclusive Case Topper Card
[ ] DC02 Vesper Lynd Dual Costume Card
1st Tier Multi-Case Incentive Card (1 card for eVery purchase of 3 cases)
[ ] Autograph Card Director Guy Hamilton (Goldfinger)
2nd Tier Multi-Case Incentive Card (1 card for eVery purchase of 6 cases)
[ ] Autograph Card Roger Moore (Live And Let Die)
Collectors Album
[ ] “The Complete James Bond” Exclusive Binder
Promo Cards
[ ] P1 General disribution
[ ] P2 Binder Exclusive
[ ] Dealer Sell Sheet