Release Date
25 March 2009

Set Configuration:
66 Base cards
5 Cards per pack
24 Packs per box
12 Boxes per case
6000 boxes
3,50$ per pack

Just six months away from the previous released “James Bond In Motion” lenticular trading card set and Rittenhouse is back in action with a brand new trading card set titled as the “James Bond 007 Archives”. The first foreseen release date was announced for the 4th March, then postponed to the 1st April and finally released on the 25th March 2009. It’s a little late to call this a tie-in with “Quantum Of Solace”, but perhaps we can say it’s a tie-in with the DVD release. The base set contains sixty-six throwback 1960's-style trading cards, featuring all of the twenty-two official EON produced James Bond films, from “Dr. No” to “Quantum of Solace”. Rittenhouse Archives gathered from each movie a close-up of James Bond, a Bond girl and a villain. The production run for this set was strictly limited to only 6000 boxes worldwide, like their previous set, each box will contain at least two personally signed autograph cards and two relic or prop cards. The counter display box shows a picture of Daniel Craig taken from second James Bond adventure “Quantum Of Solace” on top of a picture banner holding all the previous James Bond actors. Each box contains twenty-four packs with only five cards per pack. That’s only 120 cards per box!!!

"Counter Display Box"

The “James Bond 007 Archives” trading card series contains six chase sets, mostly to expand and update your previous trading card sets with additional cards featuring pictures of the twenty second James Bond movie “Quantum Of Solace”. The first chase set holds nine new “Dangerous Liaisons” cards, the cards are numbered from DL10 thru DL18 and were randomly inserted into 1/12 packs. With this knowledge it is easy to calculate how many of these cards will be circling around the globe. This update is the second addition to the beautiful “Dangerous Liaisons” trading card series that was issued in 2006. The first update came with “The Complete James Bond” card series.

"Quantum Of Solace" Dangerous Liaisons
DL11 DL12
DL14 DL15
DL17 DL18

In 2004 Rittenhouse released the “Quotable James Bond “ trading cards. This trading card set received it’s first update with six “Quotable Casino Royale” cards. Now five years and two James Bond movies later Rittenhouse treats us with a second update. This time there are eight new “Quotable Quantum Of Solace” cards to collect, meaning sixteen new quotes or one-liners and sixteen never seen before pictures of the until now latest James Bond movie “Quantum Of Solace” The eight new cards are a contradictory to the nine cards mentioned on the sell-sheet. An error by Rittenhouse or a last minute change of plans. Who knows? The cards were randomly distributed in 1/14 packs and simply numbered from Q07 thru Q14.

"Quantum Of Solace" Quotable James Bond Cards
Q7 Q8 Q9
Q10 Q11 Q12
Q13 Q14

To play even with all the others card updates, the 40th Anniversary card set also needs a “Quantum Of Solace” update. The third chase set makes it up, but not as complete as you should expect. The sell-sheet mentions three new “Quantum Of Solace” plot cards, a Bond Extra Card BE0022, Bond Villain Card BV0022, Bond Girl Card BG0022, Bond Allies BA34 depicting Tanner and two additional Villain cards F64 and F65. The reality is somewhat different, three “Quantum Of Solace” plot cards, card BA34 to complete your Bond Allies, BE0022 to complete the Bond Extras and four cards to add to the Villain collection, F64, F65, F66 & F67. Very bizarre here is the missing Bond Girl and Bond Villain card in the 40th Anniversary Style. What a shame. Knowing Rittenhouse Archives, these two cards will probably pop-up in a future James Bond card series. About card BA34, this card has already been issued in the previous trading card set. The other BA34 shows a picture of Rosika Miklos in “The Living Daylights”. A mistake by Rittenhouse Archives, or perhaps they can’t follow their own creation anymore.

"Quantum Of Solace" Extension Cards
BA34 BE0022

The “Complete James Bond” trading card set gave us nine cards per movie, unfortunately it ended with “Casino Royale” the first James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig as agent 007. To update this already huge card set, Rittenhouse Archives Ltd. inserted a fourth chase set containing the nine additional “Quantum Of Solace” cards. Again the reverse composes the original movie poster. The cards were inserted into 1/12 packs or two per box, the numbering simply continues from were it ended in 2006, namely 190 thru 198.

"Quantum Of Solace" Complete James Bond Cards
190 191 192
193 194 195
196 197 198

Props, relics, little pieces of fabric from the costumes these are all big business for the card manufactures. Weeks before the official card release you could start bidding on eBay to secure these wanted cards. The twenty seven brand new costume cards are printed in a very low quantity, ranging from only 250 to 900 pieces. In fact they are all unique pieces of 007 memorabilia. Even if you can’t have them all, these cards do make a nice display in your personal James Bond museum. The costume cards are a mix of single, double, triple and quadruple costume cards. What is special here, well all the cards are related to the latest James Bond movie “Quantum Of Solace”. The new Bond girl Olga Kurylenko is pictured on four costume cards, she was born as Olha Kostyantynivna Kurylenko on the 14th November 1979 in Berdyansk, Ukraine. The following table displays the number of relic cards printed.


“The Costume Cards”

QC02 QC03
QC05 QC06
QC08 QC09
QC11 QC12
QC14 QC15
QC17 QC18
QC20 QC21
QC23 QC24
QC26 QC27

For the last chase set Rittenhouse Archives Ltd. provided the many autograph collectors with forty-two brand new personally signed autograph cards. There’s only six cards in the famous 40th Anniversary style, thirty-five full bleed cards including a case topper card and just one card in the Woman Of Bond style which is also a case topper. There’s one odd remark that needs to said here, the full bleed autograph card signed by Priscilla Barnes is now officially mentioned on the Rittenhouse website checklist. This card is exactly the same as the one distributed with the previous card series, but at the time it wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the previous set.

“Full Bleed Autograph Cards”

xxx-02 xxx-03 xxx-04
xxx-05 xxx-06 xxx-07
xxx-08 xxx-09 xxx-10
xxx-11 xxx-12 xxx-13
xxx-14 xxx-15 xxx-16
xxx-17 xxx-18 xxx-19
xxx-20 xxx-21 xxx-22
xxx-23 xxx-24 xxx-25
xxx-26 xxx-27 xxx-28
xxx-29 xxx-30 xxx-31
xxx-32 xxx-33 xxx-34

Six cards in the 40th Anniversary Style, a nice addition to the already huge collection of more than 100 autographed cards in that particular style. Rittenhouse managed to get some actors together from the 1981’s James Bond movie “For Your Eyes Only”; Stefan Kalipha who gets killed by a dart that came from Melina’s crossbow and Paul Brooke who showed of at the casino and lost all of his money.

“Autograph Cards 40th Anniversary Style”

A109 A122
A128 A129

Rittenhouse designed four different case topper cards, the first one is a must have for the Aston Martin DBS fans. This relic card numbered as AMR1 contains a piece of broken windshield taken from the Aston Martin DBS as seen in the pre-credit scene of “Quantum Of Solace”. The pre-credit scene was shot on location at Lake Como in Northern Italy.

Case Topper Cards

Dame Judi Dench

John Rhys-Davies


The 1st Tier Case Topper came as a bonus when purchasing a minimum of two cases. It’s an incentive autograph card in full bleed style personally signed by Dame Judi Dench. The 2nd Tier Case Topper is also an autograph card, this one is personally signed by the Dutch actress Famke Janssen. The card numbered as WA27 is an addition to the "Women of James Bond Style" autographed cards. The 3rd Tier Case Topper card is the full bleed style autograph card personally signed by John Rhys-Davies. Because this card was only available in archive boxes and there are only twenty-five archive boxes in existence, this is the rarest James Bond autograph card of all.

"Archive Boxes Versions A & B"

The dealer sell sheet just mentioned about an incentive card and a archive box. Again the archive box exists in two versions, “A” & “B” each holding a different set of cards. The John Rhys-Davies autograph card is still circulating on eBay for more than 500 EURO. John played the role of the Russian General Leonid Pushkin in the 1987’s James Bond movie “The Living Daylights”. In October 2003 I was very happy to meet Mr. Rhys-Davies in person at a memorabilia fair in Gent (Belgium). A very funny and friendly man, he also played next to Pierce Brosnan in the TV-mini series “The Nobel House”, a novel written by James Clavell. A nice detail to be mentioned is the following; a location in Hong Kong known as “The Dragon Garden” was used in “The Man With The Golden Gun” as well in “The Nobel House”. If that isn’t a coincidence?

Promotion Cards
P1 P2 P3

The promotion for this set began at the end of 2008 with three exclusive promotion cards and a very detailed sell-sheet. Promotion card P1 depicting a close-up of Daniel Craig was issued for general distribution, promo card P2 depicting a close-up of Olga Kurylenko came as a gift with a Non-sports Update magazine and the promotion card P3 showing MI6 agent Gemma Arterton was only available when purchasing the exclusive designed collectors album. Gemma was born as Gemma Christina Arterton in January 1986 in Gravesend, Kent, UK. The first scene she shot for “Quantum of Solace” was the love scene with Daniel Craig.

"Dealer Exclusive Sell-Sheet"

To coincide with all the previous Rittenhouse card series an exclusive collectors album was designed to hold and protect this precious card series. The binder is finished in shiny golden scuba vinyl depicting Daniel Craig in a “Quantum Of Solace” scene. The reverse shows the same image that was used for the advance poster.

"James Bond Archives Exclusive Gold Look Binder"

The first James Bond Archives set, covering the movies from "Dr. No" until "Quantum Of Solace". Each movie has three cards showing a picture of James Bond, at least one Bond girl and a villain or an allie. The cards are numbered from #1 through #66. Until today there are no expansions.

“Basic Card Set”



Check List:
Base Cards
[ ] 01 Dr. No
[ ] 02 Dr. No
[ ] 03 Dr. No
[ ] 04 From Russia With Love
[ ] 05 From Russia With Love
[ ] 06 From Russia With Love
[ ] 07 Goldfinger
[ ] 08 Goldfinger
[ ] 09 Goldfinger
[ ] 10 Thunderball
[ ] 11 Thunderball
[ ] 12 Thunderball
[ ] 13 You Only Live Twice
[ ] 14 You Only Live Twice
[ ] 15 You Only Live Twice
[ ] 16 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
[ ] 17 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
[ ] 18 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
[ ] 19 Diamonds Are Forever
[ ] 20 Diamonds Are Forever
[ ] 21 Diamonds Are Forever
[ ] 22 Live And Let Die
[ ] 23 Live And Let Die
[ ] 24 Live And Let Die
[ ] 25 The Man With The Golden Gun
[ ] 26 The Man With The Golden Gun
[ ] 27 The Man With The Golden Gun
[ ] 28 The Spy Who Loved Me
[ ] 29 The Spy Who Loved Me
[ ] 30 The Spy Who Loved Me
[ ] 31 Moonraker
[ ] 32 Moonraker
[ ] 33 Moonraker
[ ] 34 For Your Eyes Only
[ ] 35 For Your Eyes Only
[ ] 36 For Your Eyes Only
[ ] 37 Octopussy
[ ] 38 Octopussy
[ ] 39 Octopussy
[ ] 40 A View To A Kill
[ ] 41 A View To A Kill
[ ] 42 A View To A Kill
[ ] 43 The Living Daylights
[ ] 44 The Living Daylights
[ ] 45 The Living Daylights
[ ] 46 Licence To Kill
[ ] 47 Licence To Kill
[ ] 48 Licence To Kill
[ ] 49 GoldenEye
[ ] 50 GoldenEye
[ ] 51 GoldenEye
[ ] 52 Tomorrow Never Dies
[ ] 53 Tomorrow Never Dies
[ ] 54 Tomorrow Never Dies
[ ] 55 The World Is Not Enough
[ ] 56 The World Is Not Enough
[ ] 57 The World Is Not Enough
[ ] 58 Die Another Day
[ ] 59 Die Another Day
[ ] 60 Die Another Day
[ ] 61 Casino Royale
[ ] 62 Casino Royale
[ ] 63 Casino Royale
[ ] 64 Quantum of Solace
[ ] 65 Quantum of Solace
[ ] 66 Quantum of Solace
[ ] 67 SkyFall (James Bond Archives Final Edition 2017)
[ ] 68 SkyFall (James Bond Archives Final Edition 2017)
[ ] 69 SkyFall (James Bond Archives Final Edition 2017)
[ ] 70 SPECTRE (James Bond Archives Final Edition 2017)
[ ] 71 SPECTRE (James Bond Archives Final Edition 2017)
[ ] 72 SPECTRE (James Bond Archives Final Edition 2017)
Quantum of Solace: Dangerous Liaisons (1:12 packs)
[ ] DL10 Quantum of Solace: Dangerous Liaisons
[ ] DL11 Quantum of Solace: Dangerous Liaisons
[ ] DL12 Quantum of Solace: Dangerous Liaisons
[ ] DL13 Quantum of Solace: Dangerous Liaisons
[ ] DL14 Quantum of Solace: Dangerous Liaisons
[ ] DL15 Quantum of Solace: Dangerous Liaisons
[ ] DL16 Quantum of Solace: Dangerous Liaisons
[ ] DL17 Quantum of Solace: Dangerous Liaisons
[ ] DL18 Quantum of Solace: Dangerous Liaisons
The Quotable Quantum of Solace (1:14 packs)
[ ] Q07 The Quotable Quantum of Solace
[ ] Q08 The Quotable Quantum of Solace
[ ] Q09 The Quotable Quantum of Solace
[ ] Q10 The Quotable Quantum of Solace
[ ] Q11 The Quotable Quantum of Solace
[ ] Q12 The Quotable Quantum of Solace
[ ] Q13 The Quotable Quantum of Solace
[ ] Q14 The Quotable Quantum of Solace
Quantum of Solace Expansion Cards (1:12 packs)  
[ ] 67 Quantum of Solace & 40th anniversary style
[ ] 68 Quantum of Solace & 40th anniversary style
[ ] 69 Quantum of Solace & 40th anniversary style
[ ] BA34 Bond Allies - Tanner
[ ] BE0022 Bond Extras & Quantum of Solace & 40th anniversary style
[ ] F64 General Medrano in “Quantum of Solace”
[ ] F65 Mitchell in “Quantum of Solace”
[ ] F66 Guy Haines in “Quantum of Solace”
[ ] F67 Yusef in “Quantum of Solace”
The Complete James Bond 007 Expansion Set (1:12 packs) 
[ ] 190 Quantum of Solace - James Bond
[ ] 191 Quantum of Solace - James Bond
[ ] 192 Quantum of Solace - James Bond
[ ] 193 Quantum of Solace - Mr. Greene
[ ] 194 Quantum of Solace - Quantum of Solace Movie Poster
[ ] 195 Quantum of Solace - General Madrano
[ ] 196 Quantum of Solace - Agent Fields
[ ] 197 Quantum of Solace - Camille
[ ] 198 Quantum of Solace - Camille
Relic Cards (1:12 packs)
[ ] QC01 Camille (Dual Costume)
[ ] QC02 Camille & James Bond (Dual Costume)
[ ] QC03 James Bond (Dual Costume)
[ ] QC04 Camille (Single Costume)
[ ] QC05 Camille (Triple Costume)
[ ] QC06 General Medrano (Single Costume)
[ ] QC07 Mr. Greene (Dual Costume)
[ ] QC08 Mr. Greene & General Medrano (Dual Costume)
[ ] QC09 Mathis (Triple Costume)
[ ] QC10 Mathis & James Bond (Dual Costume)
[ ] QC11 Mr. White (Triple Costume)
[ ] QC12 James Bond (Triple Costume)
[ ] QC13 Mr. White & James Bond (Dual Costume)
[ ] QC14 Mitchell (Dual Costume)
[ ] QC15 Mitchell & James Bond (Dual Costume)
[ ] QC16 Elvis (Triple Costume)
[ ] QC17 James Bond (Dual Costume)
[ ] QC18 James Bond (Dual Costume)
[ ] QC19 James Bond (Single Costume)
[ ] QC20 James Bond (Single Costume)
[ ] QC21 James Bond (Dual Costume)
[ ] QC22 James Bond (Dual Costume)
[ ] QC23 James Bond (Single Costume)
[ ] QC24 James Bond (Single Costume)
[ ] QC26 Greene's Driver (Single Costume)
[ ] QC27 James Bond & Camille (Quadruple Costume)
Autograph Cards (1:12 packs)

[ ] A091 Stefan Kalipha as Hector Gonzales in For Your Eyes Only (Limited)
[ ] A109 Tom Chadbon as Stockbroker in Casino Royale
[ ] A122 Neil Jackson as Mr. Slate in Quantum of Solace (Limited)
[ ] A126 Paul Brooke as Bunky in For Your Eyes Only (Limited)
[ ] A128 Tobias Menzies as Villiers in Casino Royale (Limited)
[ ] A129 Christina Cole as Hotel Concierge in Casino Royale (Limited)
[ ] xxx-01 Roger Moore as James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-02 George Lazenby as James Bond in On Her Majesty's (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-03 Olga Kurylenko as Camille in Quantum of Solace (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-04 Famke Janssen as Xenia in GoldenEye (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-05 Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore in Goldfinger (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-06 Geoffrey Holder as Baron Samedi in Live and Let Die (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-07 Cecilie Thomsen as Professor Inga Bergstrom in Tomorrow Never Dies (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-08 Chaim Topol as Milos Colombo in For Your Eyes Only (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-09 Izabella Scorupco as Natalya Simonova in GoldenEye (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-10 John Cleese as Q in DAD (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-11 Mads Mikkelsen as Le Chiffre in Casino Royale (Limited)
[ ] xxx-12 Caterina Murino as Solange in Casino Royale (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-13 Joe Don Baker as Jack Wade in Tomorrow Never Dies (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-14 Eunice Gayson as Sylvia Trench in Dr. No (Limited)
[ ] xxx-15 Priscilla Barnes as Della Churchill in Licence to Kill (Limited)
[ ] xxx-16 Margaret Nolan as Dink in Goldfinger (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-17 Wayne Newton as Professor Joe Butcher in Licence To Kill (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-18 John Terry as Felix Leiter in The Living Daylights (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-19 Robert Carlyle as Renard in The World Is Not Enough (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-20 Carmen Du Sautoy as Saida in The Man With The Golden Gun (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-21 Belle Avery as Linda in The Living Daylights (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-22 Marguerite Lewars as Photographer in Dr. No (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-23 Caroline Bliss as Miss Moneypenny in Licence To Kill (Very Limited)
[ ] xxx-24 Stefan Kalipha as Hector Gonzales in For Your Eyes Only (Limited)
[ ] xxx-25 Tobias Menzies as Villiers in Casino Royale (Limited)
[ ] xxx-26 David Hedison as Felix Leiter in Live And Let Die (Limited)
[ ] xxx-27 Christina Cole as Hotel Concierge in Casino Royale (Limited)
[ ] xxx-28 Crispin Bonham-Carter as Hot Room Doctor in Casino Royale (Limited)
[ ] xxx-29 Paul Brooke as Bunky in For Your Eyes Only (Limited)
[ ] xxx-30 Rory Kinnear as Tanner in Quantum Of Solace (Limited)
[ ] xxx-31 Neil Jackson as Mr. Slate in Quantum of Solace (Limited)
[ ] xxx-32 Glenn Foster as Mitchell in Quantum of Solace (Limited)
[ ] xxx-33 Paul Ritter as Guy Haines in Quantum of Solace (Limited)
[ ] xxx-34 Samantha Bond as Miss Moneypenny in GoldenEye (Limited)

Case Topper Relic Card
[ ] AMR1 Aston Marton Windshield Relic Card
1st Tier-Three Case Incentive Autograph
[ ] Judi Dench Autograph Card (Full Bleed style)
2nd Tier Six-Case Incentive Autograph
[ ] WA27 Famke Janssen Autograph Card (Women of James Bond style)
3rd Tier Fifteen-Case Incentive Autograph & Archive Box
[ ] Archive Box including all pack-inserted autograph cards and costume cards
[ ] John Rhys-Davies Autograph Card (Full Bleed style)
Collectors Album
"James Bond Archives" Exclusive binder
Promo Cards
[ ] P1 General Distribution
[ ] P2 Non-Sport Update Magazine
[ ] P3 Album Exclusive